Friday, October 17, 2014


David and I drove down to Vista this afternoon to the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum where we demonstrate two braiding machines during their semiannual festivals.

Janice and Kyleigh decided not to join us until tomorrow so that they could go to the Fall Festival put on by her school at our church. Kyleigh decided this summer that she wanted to be Elsa from Frozen for Halloween and that mommy needed to make her costume. Janice was able to find the pattern for 1.99 and the material was on sale so it wasn't an expensive costume. Here she is, both front and back (so you can see her braid.

Janice said there were something like 27 Elsas there and they were all different. There was one other that was homemade, but Janice said that although she's prejudiced, she thought Kyleigh was the cutest. There were also a couple of Annas.

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