Monday, December 29, 2014

Fun in the trash can

We took Devin and Kyleigh out to an all you can eat pizza buffet today and then Kyleigh came home with us so Devin could make some phone calls and Kyleigh could help take down the Christmas tree today since the garbage men come tomorrow. 

She was a very big help, undecorating the tree, sweeping up the needles and helping stuff the garbage can.  She fought going into the garbage can to stomp it down, but grandpa physically picked her up and put her in the can.  Looks like she really hated being in it.

Kyleigh also got to go to her daddy's Christmas party at Medieval Times last night.  She had a great time and enjoyed eating with her hands.  She did say the dragon tasted like chicken.  This was her first visit and it was commemorated with a picture which she brought to lunch today.  She's very proud of that picture.

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