Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

Since Janice, Devin and Kyleigh are planning to go to Devin's parents for Christmas dinner, we had our Christmas dinner today.

I stuffed a turkey and took it over to Janice's to cook and then came home for a while.  We went back about 2:30, ate turkey around 3:30 and then Janice, Kyleigh and I went to the Children's Christmas Eve Service at the church.  The service was put on almost entirely by the children and Kyleigh had a picture she drew put up on the screen and also got to sing with the other children at the front of the church.

After church we went back to Janice's, divided the leftovers and watched Kyleigh open one present.  Planned to be open on Christmas Eve, it had pajamas, hot chocolate mix, Jiffy Pop popcorn, a couple of sticker projects and a Frozen sing-along DVD. 

Once Kyleigh had opened her package, Devin gave Janice a package with essentially the same items, but more age appropriate.

Here is a picture of Kyleigh in her new pajamas which were handmade by a lady from our church.

The snowman she's holding was a kid's craft at Michael's on  December 13th.  It involved painting the background first white and then blue, then painting the snowman and filling the painted space with white yarn.  Embellishments were added for the hat, nose, eyes and buttons, then more snow and snowflakes were added.  Here's a closeup.

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