Monday, December 14, 2015

Saying Good-bye to Big Thunder Ranch

One of our favorite restaurants is Big Thunder Ranch in Disneyland.  Unfortunately, it's closing in early January to make way for the new Star Wars land so we decided to go one last time.  They're no longer taking walk-ups so you have to have a reservation and they're pretty well booked through the closing date.  Janice made the reservations a couple of weeks ago and the earliest she could get was tonight at 6:50.

David and I got there early enough to ride the train and check out the line for the Star Tours ride since they were showing clips from the new film, but Fast Pass was close and there was over an hour wait so we decided to pass on that.

Dinner was delicious as usual, but it was really cold.  We also enjoyed the Christmas decorations all around the park.  The following pictures were taken at Big Thunder Ranch after we finished eating.

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