Monday, February 22, 2016

WIWO - 2/22/2016

It was a really good stitchy week this time.  In addition to the two finishes posted below, I also had two mini-finishes and one start.

My first mini-finish was Paris which is the February part of the Pumpkin Passport.  It's being stitched on an old piece of 28-count Jobelan, but I don't know the color name or who dyed it.  The only change I made was accidental.  In January, I accidentally stitched the top scalloped border in the same color as the bottom border, but it was supposed to be done in a light pink.  I discovered the mistake when I looked at other stitchers' work, but decided I liked it this way so didn't frog it.
Started: 2/17/16
Finished: 2/18/16
Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

My second mini-finish is February's postcard.  It's also Paris this time.  It's being stitched on 16-count Aida in Haven from Picture this Plus.  I did make a few changes on this one.  I've changed the borders from white to blue (797) and added my initial to the cafe sign, changed the top of the Eiffel Tower, used two strands of black for the backstitching on the sign post, lamp pole and table and chairs to make them stand out more.  The backstitching around the lamp itself and the post mark is in one strand.  I also changed the stamp from 797 to 3760 because I didn't think the backstitching would show up on the darker color.
Started: 2/18/16
Finished: 2/21/16
Clouds Factory (Postcards from the World)

Finally, my start was enabled by a post on the Stitch Maynia Facebook page.  One of the members posted her started of Clouds Factory's Disney Princess Clock so  I looked up the pattern Disney Princess Clock. 

Since I have a princess loving granddaughter with a birthday coming up in March, I decided to stitch it for her.  I'm doing this on 25-count Lugana in Blue Diamonds from Silkweaver (2 over 2) that I found in my stash.  I started with the castle and so far has been an enjoyable stitch.


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