Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lego Table Update

Since Kyleigh has spent quite a bit of time with us over the years, we have a table for all of her toys, books, etc.  David had found a Lego table at a garage sale and we've been using that for this.  We have to take the table down to put up the Christmas tree.  When David went to put the table back up this year, he discovered that the table legs were broken.  This is what the top looked like before he updated it. 
 You can see the mesh bag that goes into the hole in the middle of the table and the missing pieces on two of the blue legs.
David found an old bed frame at a garage sale and decided that it would work for the new legs.  He made the legs longer (see the original leg leaning against the new leg).  Because the table wasn't that stable, he reinforced it by adding panels on the sides and back.  He also created an additional plate for the center.  I've now added all of her toys back waiting for the next time she visits.

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