Monday, April 25, 2016

WIWO - 4/25/2016

After finishing Pinky, I finally got to pay some attention to my monthly SALs.  The first one I chose to work on was the Pumpkin Passport.  So far, we've been to London, Paris and the Netherlands.
This month we went to Switzerland.  I'm still working on this one, but hope to finish it tomorrow.

I also continued stitching on my UFO for 1/2 hour a day.  I did find the error; I did two identical rows in her face, but it's now been fixed.  When I picked it up last Monday, she looked like this:
Today, she looks like this:
It's the free cover kit from Cross Stitch Crazy #211 stitched with the vinyl and threads included.  I did run out of blue and yellow, but fortunately, I was able to match them pretty closely.


  1. Passport is looking very pretty and I'm glad you found the error. I see another finish in your future!

  2. Nice progress on both, Cathy--the little passport piece is adorable!

  3. Great work. I am enjoying seeing all the countries in the Passport design.

  4. I love to see your progress on the Passport project. I'm always so curious to see the new country that will be added. Nice progress on your second project as well.

  5. Nice work on the SAL and glad you found the error and were able to continue on.