Sunday, May 1, 2016

Miscellaneous Photos for April

1) Janice went to a craft night with the Moms' group at church where they had a chance to make several projects.  When I checked Facebook the next morning, I found this picture of her holding the fairy garden she had made.

2). We went to Disneyland one Sunday and while Janice and Devin went on Hyper-Space Mountain, Kyleigh and I went shopping.  We found this really cute Star Wars dress and she couldn't wait to put it on.  The picture was taken just outside the entrance after we left the park.

3).  We went to an Art and Literature Open House at Kyleigh's school on Thursday night.  Her most recent book report had to be on a famous person and she had to create a diorama to go with it.  Kyleigh did her report on Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets.  Kyleigh made all of the Muppets out of Fimo clay (with a little help from Janice), but Jim Henson is a purchased figure.

4) Janice was volunteered to decorate a sign board for posting needed supplies for this year's Vacation Bible School.  The theme (I don't remember the name) has to do with caves. so she cut out and labeled a bunch of bats for different items.  She told me Bobby decided o help, but he mostly wanted to play with all the scraps.

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