Monday, May 9, 2016

WIWO - 5/9/2016

First, I want to show you the finished Angel Tree Ornament.  Finishing it was not fun and I ended up stitching it with the wrong sides together and turning it right side out after I was done.

I also finished the May installment of Postcards from the World from Clouds Factory.  This time we went to New Delhi.
This is the whole thing so far.  (The color is truer in the photo above.)

Since I'd finished the UFO I was working on (the Angel Tree Decoration), I started a new one.  I pulled out the next two in order and I decided to put them in the giveaway bag for the next thrift shop pickup instead of finishing them.  So I decided to go out of  alphabetical order and chose one I'd forgotten about and really wanted to stitch.  It's an old Dimensions kit stitched on plastic canvas.  This is where it was when I stitched on it last:
And here it is as of last night:
I did some backstitching on the bottom, because I was looking for an error.  I found it and it's all fixed now. 

I'm not sure how to count this one. Should I count each ornament as a finish and just do the one that's partly finished? Or should I count it as one finish and do all eight of them before going onto the next UFO?  Your opinions would be helpful.

WOCS (World of Charity Stitching) is doing a travel theme for it's next quilt.  I've enjoyed watching the Satsuma Street designs and had  several in an older Cross Stitch Crazy magazine that I wanted to stitch. There were three designs: Paris, London and New York City.  Since both the Pumpkin Passport and Postcards from the World had designs of Paris and London, I decided to do New York City.  The estimated time is 7-10 hours, but I've already stitched for about five hours, so I don't think that's realistic since I'm not yet half way.

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  1. The ornament looks lovely and so do the postcards. I'd do all the ornaments before moving on. How long would it be before you got back to it?