Saturday, October 1, 2016

Star Wars Lego Build

I took Kyleigh to our local Barnes & Noble today to participate in the Star Wars Lego Build.  This build was much more popular than the last one we went to.

There were design sheets for examples and the kids could also build anything they wanted.  Kyleigh built a Yoda and a BB8 from the designs and then got creative and built the words YODA and BB8.
 At the end (Kyleigh was the last one to leave) the facilitator set up a display to take Kyleigh's picture for his files.  She couldn't keep the Legos, but she did get a certificate and had a really fun time.

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  1. She really participates in a lot of activities, doesn't she? I think it's terrific - the more you are allowed to try, the less you think you can't.