Monday, November 7, 2016

An Extra Weekend

Kyleigh's Noni was out of town and her father had to work so Janice had her for an unexpected Saturday. (She goes to her dad's house every other weekend).  We found plenty to do though.

Friday night she got to go to Kids Night Out at the church.  KNO takes place one Friday a month from 6:00-11:00 so that parents can have a night to themselves.  They have a  different theme each month and Kyleigh loves it.  She's not been able to go the last couple months so she was excited to go this time.

The theme was Hollywood and the kids played games including Spotlight Tag, walked the Red Carpet as celebrities and each team got to dress up one of the team members.  They also serve them dinner and put them to bed in pajamas and sleeping bags while showing a movie to quiet them down.

Here are  a couple of pictures I took from the church website.  Kyleigh is in the black t-shirt.
On Saturday, we had several options for things to do and although Kyleigh wasn't very happy with our choice, we chose to go to the Mini Makers Fair at Barnes and Noble.  Once we got there though she changed her mind really quickly.

She got to make a card--she drew a robot and gave it light up eyes, played with some magnetic shapes to build a tower and other designs and read a story with Janice.  Me, I shopped and bought a Christmas gift.
We also went to Target to get Kyleigh a reward for getting four A's and an E on her report card.  She had $20 to spend and decided on Alexa, a Next Generation Doll to be a friend to her current Next Generation Doll, Jessica Ann.  Fortunately, she was on sale for $19.99.
While in the parking lot, we spotted some pigeons eating.  The pictures aren't very good, but you can see at least one pigeon enjoying his/her snack.

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  1. Busy again! It sounds like your church has a lot going on and I think it's great. Too many churches are adult centred and don't acknowledge ALL the ages that are there.