Thursday, November 3, 2016

Brave Cave

I forgot to post about this earlier, but after church on Sunday (10/30) Kyleigh and I went to the Brave Cave event in the church gym where kids were able to explore their fears.  There were "caves" for Slime, Mystery, Wild Weather, Danger, Darkness and an empty one.  Kyleigh wanted to do most of them by herself which was fine with me. 

She made slime (and kept playing with it the whole time we were there.
She posed for a picture in one of the picture spots.
She chipped away at a rock to find the gem inside.
She did the other caves by herself.  She even went through a second time with Janice, but that time she wore her costume.  In addition to a card for each cave, they were also giving away candy and there was a hot dog lunch when you were done with the caves.  It was a fun experience.

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  1. You have creative people in your church - what a great idea. Sounds like fun.