Thursday, February 9, 2017

Two Finishes

Started: 2/2/2017
Finished: 2/7/2017

This is Muriel, one of the Hocus Pocus Trilogy from Mill Hill.  She's stitched as charted on the tan perforated paper with the threads provided.  The only change is that I use two threads for the cross stitch instead of the three called for.  This is my February stitch for the Trick or Treating All Year Long SAL on Stitch Mania.

Started: 1/30/2017
Finished: 2/8/2017

This is from the Crazy Kids section titled Woodland Friends from an older issue of Cross Stitch Crazy.  

It's stitched on white 14-count Aida with the called for DMC threads.  I did make a change though.  The flowers on the left were supposed to be stitched in grays, but I didn't like the gray so I changed them.

This will be going to WOCS as part of their Bunnies SAL.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely finishes :o)
    I have the Hocus Pocus Trilogy in my box of Mill Hill kits - I should get them stitched. I like your idea of stitching the Mill Hills with 2 strands - I might try that on my next kit :o)