Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Stitch from Stash

Another thing that Shared Crosses is doing is a Stitch from Stash Challenge where you promise not to buy any new charts (with a few exceptions stated at the beginning).  You can however purchase fabric, floss and accessories needed for a project already in your stash.  The only thing I purchased was a package of light blue Aida to stitch a free Olaf chart for Kyleigh's birthday.  I also purchased a pillow form and fabric for it as well.

I'm sort of following the Stitch from Stash Challenge on Mel's blog because it was closed when I first found out about it.

So here's my report:
I started with $25.00

I spent $4.99 for the package of light blue Aida.

I completed this giraffe on the first so I'm not counting it even though I've had the magazine long enough.

I also started and finished two other projects in my stash, but one was purchased in August and the other was in a November magazine so neither have been around long enough to count.

I also stitched on one more project for almost two weeks, but it's a large project and I won't count that until it's finished.

So my ending carry forward balance for January is $25.00 - 4.99 = $20.01..

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