Friday, May 29, 2015

Angels Game with Bob and Kyleigh

Tonight I went to the game with Bob and Kyleigh.  Janice was supposed to go too, but she and Devin went to see the new Mad Max movie at a drive-in with some friends so grandma got to babysit.

This time they played the Detroit Tigers and won.

I was teasing Kyleigh that she made out like a "little bandit" because by the time the game started, she had accumulated a Matt Shoemaker bobblehead (the giveaway), a Mike Trout hat (a free giveaway for the kids), a pair of sunglasses (free for logging into the Chevy site), a Albert Pujols gnome (won it playing ring toss) and a rally towel (given to Bob and "regifted" to Kyleigh).

I was taking a picture of Kyleigh in her hat to send to mommy when one of the ushers asked if we'd all like to be in the picture.

It was also Dairy Night at the Big A which gives two players, one from each team a chance to milk a cow. They each milk a cow for one minute and then switch.The Angels player won tonight by 1/4 pound.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Dance - Sundae

The World of Cross Stitching #226
Finished: 5/26/2015

This was stitched on 14-count white Aida with DMC floss as charted.

It is a square for Kyleigh's quilt.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day at the Angels Game

Janice, Devin, Kyleigh and I went to the Angels game tonight.  They played the San Diego Padres and won. 

There was also a Memorial Day celebration.  At the home opener and on patriotic holidays, a huge flag is unfurled on the field and they did that tonight.  What was unusual was that all of the flag handlers were military. I wasn't fast enough to catch it totally unfurled.

I usually take my cross stitching and tonight was no exception, but I'd just pulled it out of my bag when this happened.  Yes, she "stole" my stitching and actually did several stitches before returning it.  Look at how hard she's concentrating.

There was also an amazing fireworks display including cannons in the outfield, but I didn't get any pictures of those.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Happy Dance - Artsy ABC - Letter K

The World of Cross Stitching #226
Started: 5/23/2015
Finished: 5/23/2015

This is stitched as charted on 14-count white Aida with DMC floss.

This is a square for Kyleigh's quilt.

Happy Dance - Floral Heart

The World of Cross Stitching #226
Started: 4/30/2015
Finished: 5/23/2015
This heart was shown on plastic canvas and meant to be strung on a ribbon with several other hearts, but I stitched it on 14-count white Aida and filled in the holes for the stringing.
I used DMC floss, but substituted 598 for the 164.
This is a square for Kyleigh's quilt.