Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day at the Angels Game

Janice, Devin, Kyleigh and I went to the Angels game tonight.  They played the San Diego Padres and won. 

There was also a Memorial Day celebration.  At the home opener and on patriotic holidays, a huge flag is unfurled on the field and they did that tonight.  What was unusual was that all of the flag handlers were military. I wasn't fast enough to catch it totally unfurled.

I usually take my cross stitching and tonight was no exception, but I'd just pulled it out of my bag when this happened.  Yes, she "stole" my stitching and actually did several stitches before returning it.  Look at how hard she's concentrating.

There was also an amazing fireworks display including cannons in the outfield, but I didn't get any pictures of those.

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