Friday, July 31, 2015

Saying Goodbye

My father passed away on November 16, 2010 and my mother on May 6, 2015.  Although funeral services were held in Michigan where they lived at the time, they were both cremated and we wanted to mix their ashes and spread them on their property here in California.  My brother declined to participate, but my three sisters and I all drove to their property near Redding this week to make this happen.

We each had a chance to spread their ashes in various locations on their property.

And finally, a picture of my family, at least those who were able to be there.  David's dad visited for the day and willingly took pictures with multiple cameras, phones, etc.

We then spent a couple of hours clearing out the house and eventually ended up at Bonnie and Dave's since they live in the area for a smoked chicken dinner.  We had wanted to do a barbeque turkey, because that's what my parents always did when we got together, but we didn't have enough time to procure and thaw a turkey.

Being there brought back a lot of memories, more of objects than events for me, but I'm glad I was able to be there and participate.

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