Monday, July 13, 2015

WIWO - 7/13/2015

After I finished the pine cone ornament yesterday, I didn't feel like kitting anything up and didn't want to mount a WIP on my Q-snaps either, so I went to my small size UFO drawer and pulled out a couple of possibilities.  (That's small in the size of the project.)

I ended up with this one.  I didn't take a picture before I started it, but I'd already finished his tail, one foot and part of his stomach below the bow including the back stitching.

I know he doesn't look like much now, but below is a picture of what he'll look like when finished.
There are six kittens in this kit and I've already stitched four of them.  I don't know when I last worked on them, but it's probably been 15-20 years now.  I also don't know why I stopped working on them, because no frogging was needed, it's a fairly easy stitch and the kittens are so cute.

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