Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday Night

We went to another Angels game last night, this time to get the Garrett Richards bobblehead.  Kyleigh and Janice had fun under the heads before the game.  First, Kyleigh gave all Janice's change to the firemen with the boots collecting money for Muscular Dystrophy and then got to pretend to drive new Chevy Gulf (she also got a limited edition model.) Finally, she posted by the Mickey statue.
One of the ladies I used to work with was also at the game and she stopped by to say hi.  We went outside and caught up on what's been happening in the months since I left.  And when Janice came looking for me, Lily asked her to take a picture of us with her phone and kindly sent me a copy.
Janice and Kyleigh left the game in the bottom of the eighth inning because Kyleigh was getting tired.  On their way home, they passed our church and stopped to help paint the nursery.  (They're completely redoing the nursery this month and Janice, as the Nursery Coordinator, has been helping quite a bit.)  Kyleigh decided she wasn't tired anymore and got to help paint.

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