Monday, August 17, 2015

WIWO - 8/17/2015

This was a productive week as I had three finishes as well as a start.  First, the finishes:

You can find the details about these finishes in their individual Happy Dance posts.

 The start doesn't look like much yet, but there's only about an hour or two done on it (with some frogging involved).

It's Ballerina - Mindy from Cherished Teddies Sports & Occupations, Vol. 1.  This is what it should look like when it's finished.

And this is what it looks like now.

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  1. Fabulous finishes, Cathy! I really like the Santa ornament. Beautiful new WIP; I love Cherished Teddies and have a lot in my WIP pile. I have this booklet, too, but haven't started anything from it yet.