Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Equifest - 12/29/2015

Today we went to the Equifest which took place at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center near the Disney Studios in Burbank.  In addition to a show in the arena, there were a lot of other things to see and do.

The first thing we did was have our picture taken in a stage coach near the arena.  There was a lady helping people into the stage coach and then taking pictures with their camera/phone.  She took two of us, one closeup and one of the full stage coach.  BTW, that's a Medieval Times crown that Kyleigh is wearing.

 After that, Kyleigh got a chance to play with a lasso.  She was a natural twirler.

 Of course, David also had to get into the act.
I didn't take any pictures of the show itself, but I think David did.  If so, I'll put those in a separate post once I download the pictures from his camera/phone.

David was amazed that this was an annual event that only occurred one day a year.  He thought it was a several day event.

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