Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Gift and a Mailbox

I went out to lunch with a friend from Shared Crosses earlier this week and she brought me two presents.  Thank you Pat!  The first was a pair of wrist warmers:
The second was a capelet that she'd made for an adult, but it turned out to be too small so she thought Kyleigh might like it for playing dress-up.  I gave it to her at breakfast this morning.  As you can tell, she definitely likes it!

After breakfast, we went to the free Home Depot kid's build.  Today's project was a Valentine Mailbox.  First, you have to put it together:
 Then you have to paint it.  Even though Kyleigh's no longer into pink or purple, she decided that since it was a Valentine's box, they were okay.  She mixed both the colors herself.
Finally, you need to show off your completed work.
Home Depot does these free kid's builds on the first Saturday of the month.  They give you the apron as well as a pin each time you complete a build.  Next month will be a wagon and Kyleigh's already looking forward to it.

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