Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Busy Saturday (Picture Heavy)

We met for breakfast this morning and then David ran home (actually he drove) to meet the roofers who were putting a tarp on our roof in anticipation of rain.  We have contracted to have our roof replaced and solar added, but it won't be done until April, hence the tarp.

Janice, Kyleigh and I went to Home Depot for the monthly build, this time a wagon.  First, she hammered:
 Then she added wheels and the pull rope:
 She decided not to paint it, so the last step was adding the stickers:
And finally the finished project--a wagon for her dolls to ride in:
The wagon is covering up the pins on her apron, but she receives a pin for each project she completes.  She currently has eight pins--two more and she'll receive a star for completing 10 projects.

OC Parenting Magazine was holding it's annual Summer Jamboree at the Discovery Center today so that was our next stop.  Kyleigh had a good time and we got some good information about options for the summer. 

She pretended to be a scientist:
 She made a dolphin picture by etching a pattern on aluminum foil, coloring it with markers and framing it. 

She filled aluminum foil with marbles to see how many she could do before it stopped floating (67).
She also became part of a poster.
We also saw a 3-D printer, had Kyleigh's ID done and got lots of freebies.    Afterwards, both Kyleigh and I got our glasses adjusted and then went home.

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