Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Dance - R2D2

Started: 5/4/2016
Finished: 5/4/2016
Perler Bead Pattern from Pinterest

In honor of Star Wars Day, I decided to do a quick little stitch for Kyleigh's quilt since she loves Star Wars even though she's never seen the movies.

It's stitched on white 14-count Aida with DMC threads and only took a couple of hours to stitch.


  1. Very cute! I'm sure she'll love it like she does her Star Wars dress.

  2. I love your little R2D2. When my son was little the only part of Star Wars he was allowed to watch was the Ewoks' Battle! We showed him that bit and that was all until he was old enough to see the whole films!

  3. Very sweet for a Star Wars fan.