Monday, May 2, 2016

WIWO - 5/2/2016

I spent most of last week catching up on my monthly SALs for April.  I've already posted my April ornament for the Christmas Ornie SAL and Duncan Dog for the Brooke's Books SAL on Stitch Maynia, but here are the other two.

First, I completed the Pumpkin Passport where we traveled to Switzerland.

And then the postcard from Moscow.  I finished this one at 10:58 Saturday night.
Since it was already on the Q-snaps, I went ahead and started the May installment on Sunday.  This time the postcard is from New Delhi. The photo above shows the truer color of the fabric.

And my current WIP/UFO went from here:

to here. 
 I would have finished the cross stitching yesterday, but there's a little reverse stitching needed so I put it away until later today.


  1. Beautiful progress on both, but a huge BOO to the frog!

  2. Excellent progress on everything and hope you can fix everything up again on that kit project.

  3. Such nice progress, Cathy--that little passport piece looks like such fun to stitch :)

  4. Great work on your travels around the world. I like the way these two pieces are so different despite featuring some of the same places.