Saturday, September 17, 2016

Busy Friday

Today was picture day at Kyleigh's school.  I took a picture of her after school for comparison (last year the professional picture looked a couple of years older than she really is).  She claims this is how she posed for the picture.
It was also the first Brownie meeting of the year.  While the parents signed paperwork, the kids made turkey masks and had a short planning meeting of their own.  There are several fun things planned for this year, and yes, I'm going to do the online portion of the Cookie Mom position again.

Janice and Kyleigh went to the Angels' game last night.  The Angels lost again, but we really went for the giveaway.  We also got to see some cute puppies wanting to be adopted.

The giveaway was a replica of the Mickey Mouse that stands outside the stadium.  Before the game I took a picture of Kyleigh with the statue outside the stadium.
 And also with her with the replica inside.
 It was also Cal State Fullerton night and Bob got Janice a souvenir Cal State Fullerton cap since that was her alma mater and she works for Titan Broadcasting.  Unfortunately, Kyleigh stole it from her, so Bob gave Kyleigh one too.

Before she went to bed Thursday night, Janice set all their stuff for the game by the front door so she wouldn't forget anything.  Friday morning, she sent me this picture--I guess Bobby decided he wanted to go too.

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  1. You have a cute granddaughter in case you didn't know. lol Too bad your team lost the game, but the giveaways look great. Typical cat - has to be where the action is.