Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kyleigh wins an Award

Kyleigh's school gives a monthly Panther Excellence Award honoring one child in each class for the attribute of the month.  September honored Faithful Friends and Kyleigh won the award for her third grade class.  She definitely deserved this award.  The first picture is of some of the award winners after they received their awards at the end of chapel.
 I also took one of Kyleigh by herself.  I love that smile.
Finally, the church/school posted a picture of all the award winners for this month on their Facebook page.
These kids also received a free dress pass (no uniforms) and also got to have a special, free Chick-fil-A lunch the following day.


  1. Well done Kyleigh for being a faithful friend!👏

  2. Well done to Kyleigh! It's good to see an importance put on character as well as good grades.