Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tractor Show Weekend #1 - Saturday

This past weekend was the Tractor Show (Fall Festival Weekend) at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, CA.  David and I went down for the weekend, but Janice, Devin and Kyleigh came down early Saturday morning and Janice and Devin left after the parade.  Kyleigh spent Saturday night with us as she really enjoys all the activities for kids.

First, she rode the train where she met two new friends.  Then she played on the playground with them; her favorite was the merry-go-round.  She also participated in the Potato Picking "race" where she picked 6 of 7 potatoes.  She went through a second time with her friend picking and tried very hard to help her get one potato.
Kyleigh also got to ride in the tractor parade on the back of a friend's tractor.  Riding in the parade is a highlight of the weekend for her.
 Finally, after the show was over, we were relaxing at the RV when our neighbor decided that Kyleigh should learn to drive his cart.  He said she did really well and even took her out of the campground itself.  Later, his wife took her out, too.


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  1. That looks like a fun way to spend a Saturday. And driving lessons to boot!