Thursday, August 4, 2016

Catch up Post - July (#2)

Janice's ex-husband's mom got married this month and Kyleigh was the flower girl.  Janice wasn't invited so I don't have pictures of the wedding, but here's Kyleigh after her dad dropped her off at my house.  I took the pictures so that Janice could see her outfit and hair.  She was wearing shoes, but they gave her blisters so they disappeared as soon as she walked into the house.
This was after I took the braids out before she went to bed (she spent the night with us).
Chick-fil-A had a circus night for kids and Kyleigh and Janice attended.  There was one clown who told stories,
 and balanced a pole on his hand.
 Kyleigh got in the act by balancing the pole on her hand and also on her nose.
 Each child made a clown collar
 and had their picture taken with the clown.

I posted earlier that Kyleigh did a Muppets diorama for her biography book report.  Janice mentioned this to a coworker who knew someone with the Muppets and Kyleigh received a nice package.
 The diorama is on her lap and below are what she received.  The card is signed by the man currently doing the voice of Kermit.
Kyleigh had her hair cut and as part of the process, they paint her fingernails and give her a fancy braid.  This is called a ladder braid.  The pictures were taken a Jo Ann Fabrics since Kyleigh decided it was time for mom to make her another dress.  This isn't the material she finally chose though.
Kyleigh also went to Girl Scout Camp this month for the first time.  She said she had a good time, but when asked if she wanted to go again, she said "maybe".  She later said she'd like to go to Science Camp so that she could blow things up.

Here she is already to go
Taking her stuff to the truck.
 Already to board the bus.
This is when she got home.  The bags arrived first and we couldn't find her sleeping bag anywhere until we looked in her duffel bag and found that she'd stuffed it in there. 
After picking her up, we went to Yang Ming's for lunch since none of us had eaten yet.  Janice is sitting across from Kyleigh and taking pictures while Kyleigh is hamming it up for the camera.  I'm not sure who missed who the most, but we're all glad she's home.
That's it.  I'm finally all caught up. 

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  1. That is one busy young lady, but looks like she's having a wonderful summer.