Thursday, July 18, 2019

Happy Dance - Flip Flops

Started: 7/15/2019
Finished: 7/17/2019

This is is free chart from Lucie Heaton; I received it in her newsletter sent last Friday.  

It's stitched on white 14-count Aida.  I made one intentional change in that I removed two columns from between the two flip flops because they looked to be too far apart to me.

I also made an unintentional change in the floss used.  I read the color chart wrong and used 444 for the background, but it was supposed to be used for the shading.  I chose to use 725 for the shading instead of the 727 called for, because 727 was a lighter shade.

This project is for Kyleigh's quilt.  I chose this because she wears flip flops a lot.  She saw the chart and said she used to have a pair just like this.

Next Up:  Tree Shopping (Mill Hill)
Goal: Finish

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Happy Dance - July Palko Lap

Started: 7/13/2019
Finished: 7/15/2019

This is a free SAL from several years ago on her blog which can be found at
It's stitched on white 25-count Lugana as charted with DMC Coloris floss #4512.  Now I'm wishing I'd used white for all the squares and just changed the floss color.  Too late now though!
I really enjoyed this one and it went fairly fast.  It was fun to watch the bottom motifs appear.
Next Up: Flip Flops (a free design from Lucie Heaton for Kyleigh's quilt.
Goal: Finish

Monday, July 15, 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness - July

Gifted Gorgeousness is a SAL run by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching  For this SAL, we post anything that was received as a gift or is being stitched for a gift.  You can click on the link to see what others are giving or have received.

The only gift I stitched this month was the June Owl from Leslie Teare's Facebook SAL.

But I finally used my gift certificate from Rachel on a couple of the new Mill Hill Kits. 

I also received a Hinzeit Mermaid chart from Astrid to make for Kyleigh.

Thank you both for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Kitten Antics

We had a feral cat give birth to kittens in our backyard the end of March, but we didn't discover them until they were about eight weeks old.  We were able to trap two of them before the mother disappeared with the other two.  Kyleigh desperately wanted one so she got the first one we trapped and named it Tony.
We kept the second one and after some deliberation, I named it Taz.  Both kittens are identical in color. 

He likes to be close to one of us most of the time.  When it's David, usually in the evenings, Taz curls up on David's chest and they both take a nap. 

When he's with me, if he's not helping me cook, fold clothes, clean his litter box or do any of those other pesky little chores, he's usually cuddled up near me, but not necessarily on me. 


He's curled up like this last picture right now except that his head is on the corner of laptop and he's sound asleep.

We've always had cats, but when the last one died several years ago, we decided not to get another one.  This one just kind of happened, but we're both happy and he's going to be our first indoor cat so hopefully, he'll be able to stick around longer.  

Happy Dance - June Owl

Started 7/2/2019
Finished: 7/13/2019

This is the June Owl from Leslie Teare's free Facebook SAL.  It's stitched on 14-count Aida in Lite Oatmeal.  It's stitched with the called for DMC except for the reds, for which I used darker shades.  I'm also using 3799 instead of 310 for the backstitch for all of the owls. 

I can't say it's stitched as charted, because I had a lot of trouble with the head and neck and there's still one major mistake, but I was so frustrated with it that I decided to leave it since it would take a lot of frogging to fix it and I didn't know what I'd done wrong to begin with.  Again, this will go to WOCS when the set is completed.

Next Up:  Palko Lap - July;  Goal: A Finish

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fully Finished Gallery - July 2019

It's time again to link up with Rachel of Ten Hour Stitcher to show the items that we've turned into Finished Finished Objects or FFOs.  I'm actually on time this month and I have five FFOs to show you.  Click on the link to see what others have finish finished this month.
Santa  has been in one of my "to be finished drawers" for several years since I don't remember when I stitched him and I couldn't find him in my finished files and it starts in 2014. He's finished as a small pillow with the same fabric as the backing (14-count gold dusted Aida)..

This festive reindeer, aka Rudolph was stitched in either 2016 or 2018--he appears in both years or maybe I stitched him twice!.  I finished him as an ornament using the same fabric for the backing (14-count Oatmeal Aida).  The hanger is a combination of red and green petite beads.

Again, this heart was stitched prior to 2014 since I couldn't find it in my records.  It was a free cover kit from one of the UK Magazines and is finished with the materials provided.  It didn't come with a ribbon (or I'd lost it) so I had to find my own.  I'd rather have used white and may replace it when I find some.

Again, this was stitched prior to 2014, probably at the same time as the heart.  It was also a free cover kit finished with the materials provided, except for the ribbon, which I will probably replace at a later date.
This is Love Hearts and was stitched in 2015, probably for a Valentines Card for WOCS, but it never made it to the group.  I trimmed and fringed it and attached it to a premade card.  I guess I didn't do a very good job though.  If I don't use it before then, I will probably send it to WOCS next year.

So, all finishes of old items this month.  I want to thank Rachel for hosting this SAL because otherwise these would still be sitting in their drawers with all the other items waiting to be finished.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Happy Dance - Fabulous Watermelon

Started: 6/27/2019
Finished: 7/2/2019

Again, this is one of the fabulous fruit designed by Jenny Barton for Cross Stitch Crazy #192.  Its stitched on 14-count white Aida as charted with the called for DMC.   

I only have one more of these to do, but I'm setting them aside for now, because I have several other things I want to do first.

Next up: June Owl (Leslie Teare); Goal: Finish