Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy BIrthday, Devin!

Yesterday was Devin's 40th birthday.  He requested a white on white cake with gobs of frosting.  Janice didn't have time to cater to his wishes so she ordered it from a bakery.  Here's what he got:

 Kyleigh insisted on adding the candle.

Since our birthdays are so close together (mine's on the 6th), we usually celebrate together.  Unfortunately, this year Devin chose a place that's not one of my favorites, so we'll celebrate
separately.  Devin's choice was Johnny Reb's, a southern barbecue place that serves things like collard greens, fried okra and other southern specialties along with ribs, chicken, sausage, etc.

On your birthday, they "make" you kiss a pig (either the snout or the butt) for good luck.
You also have to stomp on peanuts spread over the floor while everyone else bangs on their tables.

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