Wednesday, January 23, 2019

WIP Wednesday - 1/23/2019

Two more projects got some attention this week.  The first is the next Advent Animal.  Hamilton Horse won the Ugliest Sweater contest.

I also started Joy from Rovaris in the 2018 JCS Ornaments Issue for the JCS Ornament SAL.

Just a note:  Starting next week, instead of doing WIP Wednesday, I'm going to start doing a Wednesday Update that will include both WIPs and finishes for the week.  I'm doing this because I seem to post a WIP on Wednesday and a corresponding finish within the following week.  Doing it this way will eliminate the extra posts.


  1. Hamilton Horse is adorable Cathy. I love his sweater. Great start.


  2. Great stitching! Love Hamilton. I think you will have that advent calendar finished in plenty of time for next year!

  3. More sweet stitches, Hamilton looks spiffy!