Monday, June 24, 2019

Tractor Show Weekends

The AGSEM Spring Festival is the third and fourth weekends in June and David and I were able to go both weekends for a change.  The first weekend, we went down on Saturday morning and stayed in a hotel in Oceanside.  I spent the whole weekend helping David at the rope braiding machines.

The second weekend, David was able to get the air conditioning fixed in the motorhome, so we went down in it.  Kyleigh loves both the tractor show and staying in the motorhome, but she had a conflict on Sunday so she went down with us Friday night and was a huge help setting up.  Saturday morning, Janice brought her best friend's daughter, Dina (who is like a younger sister to Kyleigh) and spent the day with us.  I was in charge of keeping the girls busy and they definitely wore me out; Janice said they both slept on the way home so I think they wore themselves out too.

First off was breakfast in the Assembly Building and then a scavenger hunt in the Clock Museum where they had to match pictures to the corresponding clocks and each earned a piece of candy.  On the way to the rope braiding machines, we stopped to look at the craft vendors and they each bought a necklace.  This couple was dressed in period costumes and was so nice that I asked to take their picture.

Our next stop was the rope braiding machines where they helped mama make and package some jump ropes. 

Then it was off again to the Model Train building where they did another scavenger hunt looking for a list of specific items in a large layout and each won a couple of prizes.  They also got to run one of the trains and have their picture taken in the frame provided.

Janice joined us at this point and they rode a train, played on the playground and each got a chance to learn to drive a tractor.

Then there was the Potato Pickin' Race.  This started as an actual race between adults, but several years ago, they turned it into an event for kids and now they just do it for fun.  They do get a prize though. 

 There was also a Kids' Zone where the girls were able to play ring toss, ball toss, participate in water squirter races and a couple of other games, all for candy or various character ducks.

Finally, they got to ride in the tractor parade with a friend of ours and then participate in the breaking of a pinata that actually went through the parade on a tractor. 


I can see that I should have taken a few more pictures to explain some things better, but maybe next time.  It was a fun day for all of us.


  1. How fun. My Grandpa had antique tractors and I went to several shows just like this. So much fun memories. I bet the girls really had a great time. I always love when places have those scavenger hunts. We've been to a lot of museums that do those. Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing your fun.

  2. Oh wow, what a fantastic kid weekend with so much to do! I'm so glad Kyleigh and her friend were able to go and have a great time. I'd be worn out too!